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Cree gets into lighting controls

Cree SmartCast luminaireIs there no limit to Cree’s expansion into lighting?

Now that it has completed its vertical integration – making everything from lighting LED die to finished luminaires and LED lightbulbs – it has got a bit wider horizontally by adding its own range of wireless controls for office/school/commercial lighting:  branded SmartCast.

There is a lot going on with this system: each enabled luminaire has its own light sensor, movement sensor, and wireless node.

And set-up seems to be automated, with luminaires flashing and optically sensing each other to determine which ones are sharing which rooms across a floor.

There is more in this SmartCast article in the Electronic Weekly news section.

The photo shows a SmartCast troffer luminaire upside down. In the foreground is the light and movement sensor, with the linear LED array stretching into the distance, surrounded by the reflector.

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