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Cree LED array replaces 100W bulbs

Cree‘s CXA20 lighting LED can replace a 100W light bulb Cree has developed a bolt-down LED array for luminair makers looking to replace incandescent and CCFL sources up to 2,000 lm, writes Steve Bush.

Called CXA20, the array delivers 1,050 lm at 11W, or 2,000 lm at 27W with a 3,000K (warm-white) colour temperature.

“When used in a traditional downlight application, luminaires based on the CXA20 are delivering 38% more illumination than a 26W CCFL or a 100W incandescent bulb, while consuming 14W.” claimed Cree.

The square base has a 22x22mm footprint and requires two screws through holes to fix it.

Samples are available now with standard lead times, said the firm, with production volumes targeted for late Q1 next year.

Steve Bush

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