Helieon plug and play LED lighting on offer

Plug and play LED lighting from Molex and Bridgelux - Helieon

Bridgelux and Molex have teamed up to make a LED lighting product, branding it Helieon.

“The Helieon Sustainable Light Module combines solid state lighting technology from Bridgelux with interconnect technology from Molex, delivering to interior and exterior luminair manufacturers effortless installation, interchangeability and upgradeability,” claimed Molex.

Aimed at luminair manufacturers, it is a separable source and socket system, allowing different LEDs to be plugged into a standard socket. 

Initial product offerings include 3,000K warm white or 4,100K neutral white LEDs; from 500 to 1,500 lm; in narrow, medium or wide flood beams, and the sources are arrays of die.

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