Lumileds boosts efficiency of its ‘high-voltage’ H50 lighting LEDs

itemid-55277-getasset.jpgLumileds has boosted the efficiency of its ‘high-voltage’ H50 lighting LEDs, and released details of its Luxeon Z range of small footprint high power density devices for white and coloured lighting.

Designed for use in LED replacements for standard light bulbs, H50-2 delivers a 27% more lumen/W that the existing H50-1.

Rated at 40mA 2W (50V), typical efficacy is now over 80 lm/W, said Lumileds: The “high-voltage architecture enables more form factors and lowers costs through the use of cost-efficient drivers”.

Testing is at 85°C, and colour binned into three and five SDCM.

The 3.7×3.7mm footprint LED is also aimed at smaller envelopes, such as candelabra and GU10 lamps, as well as for under-cabinet and track lighting.

Colour temperatures of 2,700 and 3,000K are available.

itemid-55278-getasset.jpgLuxeon Z is a smaller LED – 1.3×1.7mm (2.2mm2) – lens-less lighting LED, available in white (4,000K 70 CRI) and several colours from 447.5nm royal blue to 655nm deep red. 

“Luxeon Z offers the industry’s highest commercially available lumen density,  with the ability to mount as many as 250 in one square-inch,” claimed the firm. “Designers can use it to create specialized 2×2, 3×2, 6×1 and other mono-colour or multi-colour arrays for existing and new luminaires.” 

Applications are expected in wall-washers, moving-head spotlights, tuneable retrofits and remote phosphor lamps.

Testing is at 500mA (1.5W for white), although the devices are rated for use up to 1A.

Whites are split into three efficiency bands across 90-144 lm/W at 50mA.

Typical performance for middle band devices at 700mA is 183 lm and 88 lm/W.

Royal blue, blue, cyan, green and white emitters are un-encapsulated; amber, red-orange, red and deep red emitters have un-lensed flat silicone top encapsulation. 

“The un-encapsulated chips can easily accommodate custom optics, eliminating the need for secondary lenses,” said Lumileds.

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