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Power Integrations LED GU10

Power Integrations goes for LED GU10sPower Integrations has announced a chip for incandescent light bulb replacement, which includes the challenging GU10.

The LYTSwitch-0 family implements a single-stage non-dimmable non-isolated topology for loads up to 10W.

“Two stage is unsustainable in terms of cost. A LYTSwitch-0 design has about 13 components: the BOM is cheap,” said marketing manager Peter Robertson

This is for a high-side switched buck converter. With more components, other modes can be implemented including: low-side buck, buck-boost, fly-back and boost.

With a 700V main switch on-board, operation from ac inputs of 85 to 308V can be sustained.

The firm has also released a 6W GU10 bulb reference design (RDR-355) with 110mA output into a 54V (nominal) LEDs string.

For full details on the release see Power Integrations goes for LED GU10s »


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