Samsung finds LED fridge lighting cool

Samsung LED tower for fridges.jpg

I went to a Samsung technology event the other day and I was surpised to see how many white goods were in their upcoming product lineup. Fridges, cookers, microwaves…

Why I am I mentioning this in an LED blog? Well, the company seems to be highlighting the place of LED lighting to differentiate products at the top of the respective ranges…

For example, pictured above is the LED tower lighting in Samsung’s G Series of fridge freezers.

Web promotion for its RZ60ECSW ‘bottom mounted fridge freezer’ also highlights the blue LED display panel (below, left) and the LED interior lighting (below, right) – ‘The modern, non heat-emitting white LED lighting illuminates every corner of the freezer, so things are easier to find even at night.’ (Eh? Surely all fridges have lights. Specially for night times…- Ed)

samsung led in fridges.jpg

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