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Try DALI with this development kit

CandeledIsmosys has introduced a development kit for LED lighting designers, engineers and installers to learn about and develop DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)-based lighting control systems.

Called LDD-314 and developed by Candeled, the  kit can be used to simulate how “LED light installations can be dynamically and flexibly adjusted over time or to suit the varying or evolving needs of a building”, said Ismosys.

The kit contains:
LLE-314 light engine
LDB-314 LED driver
LDM-1 DALI master
relevant software (supplied on a USB Flash Drive)
USB cable and plug-top power adaptor
Quick start guide.

Candeled’s DALI light engine (LLE-314) and DALI LED driver (LDB-314) are also available separately.

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