Why switch to LED lights?

chameleon LED.jpgHow do you encourage a fashion-conscious home owner to pay a lot for an LED alternative? This is the question asked by Technology Editor Steve Bush in a new in-depth LED feature on the site – Why anyone should switch to LED lights

Energy efficiency is good solid worthy way to encourage home owners to switch to away from incandescent bulbs, he begins.

But they might as well switch to compact fluorescent alternatives because they cost only a quid each.

And then some of them will take them out again and go back to their elicit stock of 100W bulbs because compact fluorescents really are dimmer and really do take ages to warm up.

So how do you encourage a fashion-conscious home owner to pay a lot for an LED alternative.

Let dimming, dimming, dimming be your marketing mantra, I would propose, to be replaced by colour in a couple of year’s time.

Industry is working hard, but has only just begun to scratch the dimming and colour-tuning possibilities of power LEDs.

To be anything other than a novelty, at least initially LED lights have to fit straight into the sockets vacated by incandescent bulbs and work with no changes to the house wiring.

And it is happening.

Triac-dimmable is the current watchword amongst LED power chip makers, which means the chip can work with work with dimmers intended for incandescent bulbs, and the LEDs will dim according to the knob on the wall.

This is no trivial task in the chip, as the intensity curve of a LED is nothing like that of a light bulb so some sort of translation has to be included.

NXP was early on the scene with its SSL210x range and there are drivers from National Semiconductor, Power Integrations, iWatt and others.

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