XQ-E: Cree puts E2 die in domed XQ package

09oct13CreeXQEpencil-400Aiming to let customers pack a lot of light in a small space – to share a single optic for example – Cree has introduced a 1.6×1.6mm lighting LED called XQ-E.

It gets the 1mm E2 die from the XP-E2 LED, under a domed lens that squeezes output angle to 110° from the wider outputs of existing flat-topped XQ-B and XQ-D devices.

Optically, the firm claims it matches the XP-E2 – so is can be retrofitted behind optics intended for the XP-E2.

Conversely, it does not provide a route for narrowing optics compared with the XP-E2.

White and R G and B versions all all due out this month.

See this XQ-E article for more details.

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