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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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Graduate designs LED-based emergency light for with no mains electricity

Created by Cardiff Metropolitan University product design graduate Graham Scutt, it has been funded by Cardiff-based LED lighting wholesaler Sedna LED. The aim was to design a lamp for medical procedures and emergencies, particularly child birth. “Africa does not have a reliable electricity network, let alone a street lighting…

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LED wristbands take lightshows to rock fans

Created by UK-based RB Concepts, Xylobands use wireless ICs and low-power microcontrollers to take lighting effects into the audience at concerts by the band Coldplay, writes Steve Bush. Tens of thousands of LED wristbands, given out to fans at the gigs, are controlled remotely through proprietary software and…

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Osram opens Chinese packaging plant

Osram has signed a contract with the Wuxi New District Administrative Committee to build a assembly plant in Jiangsu. LED chips will be packaged at the new backend facility starting in late 2013; with the Regensburg and Penang plants exclusively continuing to make the actual LED chips…

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X-Fab adds 700V CMOS process to support LED lighting

X-Fab, the silicon foundry, has added a 700V CMOS process for ultra-high-voltage consumer applications such as AC LED lighting, chargers with no-load power consumption and other power conversion and control applications, writes David Manners.   “Our new XU035 process enables our customers to compete effectively in energy…

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Free LED lighting conference with Cree, TI and Bridgelux

LED lighting and design technology day is free to design engineers and takes place at the Williams F1 Conference centre near Oxford on March 27th. The morning plenary technical session features speakers from Renesas, Universal Science, Acal BFi Optilas, Integrated System Technologies and is completed with a presentation from Tom…

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Electronics Weekly's guide to LED heatsinking

Check out the latest in the Electronics Weekly’s ‘big guides’ to LED technology – specifically, to LED heatsinking. Steve Bush, our Technology Editor, begins: In the early days of power LEDs, many lighting firms rushed out solid-state luminaries only to find them failing in service.The problem was heatsinking…

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Spanners with built in LED lighting

LED Luminaries always keeps an eye out for innovative or curious uses of LEDs, and how about this one?… Ever been working tightening nuts and bolts, but had difficulty seeing what you were doing? Maybe working under a car bonnet in a darkened garage… Well, these spanners come with built…

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LED optics, through a glass clearly

Specifying an LED optic is easy isn’t it, writes Steve Bush? Just buy one with the right beam angle, and you are off. Right? Well maybe, but probably not. Because there are a few more things to think about before you can be pretty sure that what you buy…

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