LED wristbands take lightshows to rock fans

LED wristbands take lightshows to rock fansCreated by UK-based RB Concepts, Xylobands use wireless ICs and low-power microcontrollers to take lighting effects into the audience at concerts by the band Coldplay, writes Steve Bush.

Tens of thousands of LED wristbands, given out to fans at the gigs, are controlled remotely through proprietary software and a laptop connected to a radio transmitter, enabling them to light up in sync with the music and stage lightshow.

The wireless chips in the wristband are from Silicon Labs.

“Silicon Labs was the ideal choice for wireless technology, enabling us to achieve both FCC and Industry Canada Certification and deliver more than 30,000 Xylobands just in time for a recent Coldplay concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,” said Jason Regler, director of technology at RB Concepts.

Inside is a sub-GHz EZRadio receiver ICs, and the transmitter is an EZRadioPRO.

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