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The packaging behind the HB-LEDs

High-brightness (HB) LED packaging design continues to advance, and is contributing almost as much to performance as the LED chip itself, argues Margery Conner, Technical Editor of EDN.

In an analysis piece just loaded onto the site, she says that HB-LED efficacy may grab the headlines, but packaging is where the action is in this market.

She continues:

Getting the light out of the die, through the encapsulant and lens, and onto the application’s surface at a consistent, reliable colour for a long lifetime is a challenge, and LED manufacturers accomplish this task through the use of innovative packaging for the devices. HB-LED users may be unaware that Big 4 manufacturers Cree, Nichia, Osram, and Philips Lumileds control almost all HB-LED chips.


  • Relatively few manufacturers provide most HB-LED (high-brightness-light-emitting-diode) chips to the industry.
  • Although Big 4 vendors manufacture and package their own LED chips, they also sell to other LED vendors that specialise in packaging HB LEDs for specialised applications.
  • Light extraction, thermal extraction, and lumen maintenance affect packaging goals for HB LEDs.

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