LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News About Light Emitting Diode

Tridonic at Light+Building

Light+Building is coming up, in Frankfurt. Tridonic will be showing led and oled sources, as well as control gear for both. Amongst its offerings is its first bendable OLED module, which produces neutral white light and can follow the contours of luminaires, walls, ceilings or room dividers. MacAdam 4…

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Report - Is there room for OLED Lighting?

One to note maybe – a report by IDTechEx (“OLED vs LED Lighting 2013-2023”) has found that OLED lighting is likely to struggle to define and communicate its unique selling points and may remain an over-priced and under-performing option compared to LED lighting. That is, unless an Apple…

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Flexible OLED aimed US Army

US researchers are claiming the largest flexible colour OLED display using mixed oxide thin-film transistors – a 7.4in device for the US Army, writes Steve Bush. “It meets a critical target set by the US Department of Defense to advance the development of full-colour, full-motion video flexible…

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IMEC, Holst Centre plot route to flexible OLED manufacture

An economically scalable route to high-volume manufacture of flexible OLED displays is the objective of programme kicked off by two European labs, writes Steve Bush. “The shared program will bring together partners from across the value chain to tackle challenges such as high resolution, low power consumption, large area…

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Flexible OLEDs - The state of play

Were we not promised super-thin bendable, flexible and rollable organic LED (OLED) displays? Phones like Samsung’s Galaxy and HTC’s Desire have shown us that the rigid versions can deliver stunning images. So where are those flexies? Steve Bush considers the current state of play…It turns out…

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EU funds OLED lighting research

The EU has kicked off a project to make large-area OLED lighting modules with built-in intelligent light management, writes Steve Bush. Large area OLED is one contender to replace fluorescent lighting, with sheets of light emitter under 1mm thick. See also: LED technology – OLEDs (Organic light emitting diodes…

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Alphanumeric displays, from STN to OLED

Here is an exhaustive feature on the topic of alphanumeric displays, written by our Technology Editor Steve Bush. On the topic of LED backlight choices, he writes: Backlighting was originally largely done with electroluminescent layers which offer pale green and a limited range of other colours.The introduction of LED…

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Cambridge Display Technology eliminates indium tin oxide from OLED substrates

CDT has eliminated expensive indium tin oxide (ITO) from organic lighting panels, replacing it with a fine copper mesh, writes Steve Bush. “This demonstration has shown the potential for patterned metal tracking using electroless metal deposition as a replacement for both ITO and traditional sputtered tracking,” said CDT. “ITO is…

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