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Project TOPLESS lights up OLED desk lamp

topless oled desk lamp.jpgProject TOPLESS is creating Polymer-OLED desk lamp prototypes, reports OLED-info.com:

“The OLED lamps have five 2″ P-OLED panels, each requiring 0.7W (the total power input is 3.5Watts – 5V dc @ 0.7amps),” it writes.

“TOPLESS (Thin Organic Polymeric Light Emitting Semi-conductor Surfaces) objectives include an efficacy of 20Lm/w, color temperature suitable for general white light applications and large single-pixel devices. TOPLESS will run till February 2010.”

Apparently they hope to have a pre-production OLED lighting line in the UK by the end of 2011. See also: An interview with the Project Mansager for TOPLESS

Check out the video below:

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  1. John
    August 11, 2009 11:44

    This is the future of lighting, especially if efficiency of 50Lm/W can be achieved.

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