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Anti-fuse secures chains of LEDs


Murata has developed a surface-mount anti-fuse to prevent long chains of LEDs from extinguishing if one device goes open circuit, writes Technology Editor, Steve Bush.

The idea is that anti-fuses are connected across LEDs in the string, one per LED. When an LED fails, the voltage across its anti-fuse partner increases rapidly.

Once it reaches 20V, a layer of an undisclosed material in the anti-fuse changes permanently from high to low resistance. This shorts out the offending LED and re-established current flow to all of the others.

“High voltage shifts the state of the anti-fuse irreversibly from high resistance to low resistance, from over 1M? to under three Ohms,” sales manager Mike Ball told Electronics Weekly.

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  1. November 20, 2009 19:44

    That sounds like some interesting technology. Another push forward for LED lighting!

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