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Power chip for 75W LED lighting

Power Integrations has introduced chips for mains-powered LED lighting up to 75W.

The single stage design has both power factor correction (PFC) and a constant current regulation, and is aimed at high-bay, car park and street lamps.

There are two devices: LNK410EG (dimming) and LNK420EG (non-dimming), plus a reference design (RDR-290) to show them off.

RDR-290 is 92.2% efficient when feeding a 75W load from 230Vac while meeting EN61000-3-2 class C limits. Power factor is above 0.95.

“No primary high-voltage electrolytic bulk capacitor is required, making lifetimes of 50,000 hours practical, even in challenging outdoor environments and at high ambient temperatures,” claimed the firm.

Simplified schematic.

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