LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Replacement lighting
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Luxeon M aimed at outdoor lighting

Lumileds has announced Luxeon M, aimed at outdoor lighting, writes Steve Bush. With an 8mm2 emission area producing 900 lm at 700mA (Tj=85°C Vf=12V) from its 8W package, application in high-bay lighting is also expected. It will be released in three different colour temperatures: 3,000K…

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Sharp LED module is 50W HID halogen replacement

Ismosys has released details of Sharp Microelectronics 50W LED module which is capable of replacing traditional 50W HID halogen lamps in the same performance class, writes Richard Wilson.

The 50W Mega Zeni features a luminous efficiency of between 3590 and 4770 lm, a light output of up to 100 lm…

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Multi-die LED is brighter than halogen MR16

Cree’s multi-die MT-G LED is at the centre of this reference design which replaces 35-50W halogen MR16 bulbs, writes Steve Bush.

Available free from Cree’s website, it includes contributions from Diodes, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments (alternative electronics); Neng Tyi Precision Industries (heatsink); Carclo and…

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Comment: LED lighting output standards needed

Poorly designed metrics hinder the development of efficient lighting technologies, writes Adrian Rawlinson, managing director of Marl International

Under the stricter requirements of Part L of the UK Building Regulations which came into effect in October 2010, lighting should produce at least 45lm/W measured at the circuit.

It is…

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ON Semi single channel LED driver for low power apps

Don’t miss the exhaustive look by our Technology Editor, Steve Bush, at the latest LED products hitting the market from Cree, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Osram, Nichia, and Sharp. He begins: All the major LED suppliers have released additional lighting-class LEDs over the past few months, particularly at the…

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Why switch to LED lights?

How do you encourage a fashion-conscious home owner to pay a lot for an LED alternative? This is the question asked by Technology Editor Steve Bush in a new in-depth LED feature on the site – Why anyone should switch to LED lights Energy efficiency is good solid worthy…

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Case study: ExCeL Exhibition Centre chooses LED lighting

In January 2010 the ExCeL London management team started investigating how they could improve their lighting in order to achieve uniformity throughout the central boulevard of the exhibition and conference centre. At almost half a mile in length this is the main thoroughfare and public space used by all events…

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