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Replacement lighting

Led replacements look like CFLs


Would you believe it, for those who love the look of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), there is an LED replacement for you. From Win Win Lighing of GuangDong, power is 3-23W and they come in E27, E14 and B22 base forms. It’s not often you come across a replacement for a replacement.

Osram has been busy – new bulbs too


After releasing car headlamp and stage lighting leds in two weeks, busy Osram has released new light bulbs. Somehow it has whittled down heatsinking requirements until there is no obvious heatsink on any of them. It has 2,700K (CRI=80) straight-filament-style lamps in 250 lm (’40W’) and 806 lm (’60W’) variants – it certainly isn’t skimping on the lumens of the ...

High CRI GU10 found in UK High Street

80CRI GU10 Clas Ohlson

It transpires that Scandi household* store Clas Ohlson has >90CRI led GU10 bulbs amongst its standard 80CRI offerings. This is the one I saw (right). The detailed spec on the website says 90CRI and 300 lm, but I think the box says 92 or even 95CRI and 345 lm. IMHO, the is missing a trick not describing them as ‘high-colour’ ...

Further update: MR16 and PAR16 have dichroic glittery look

Verbatim LED Dichroic MR16

For minimalist luminaires where the sides of MR16 or PAR16 bulbs are intended to be seen, Verbatim is making MR16 (GU5.3 base) or PAR16 (GU10) “dichroic-effect” LED lamps. Verbatim has kindly clarified some points below – thanks folks Dichroic reflectors used to be used in incandescent MR16s and similar reflector lamps for technical reasons (see below), but they had the ...

GU10 autopsy

MR16 inside

I cut and pulled apart a failed GU10 to see what had gone wrong. The guy who gave it to me said he installed 20 or so not long ago, and already a few have stopped working. Heatsinking it pitiful – there is a single pcb with 27 leds on one side and all the power supply components on the ...

Why cheap isn’t necessarily the way to sell LED bulbs

A guest blog, from a retailer that sells high-end lighting According to the United Nations Environment Program, there are approximately 633 million light bulbs currently in use in the UK. However, only about 20% of these are classed as ‘energy efficient’. Despite the potential energy saving benefits, homeowners are reluctant to spend what many believe to be a considerable outlay ...

Verbatim bulb scores ‘best buy’ at Which?

Verbatim LED bulb Which

Verbatim, once a floppy disc company, is now an LED bulb maker. And it has won a ‘best buy’ rating at consumer organisation Which? Which? is impressive because its reviewers don’t just guess, it has its own test labs. It awards percentages to each item on test based on a bunch of parameters, then some of the best get ‘best buy’ ...

Bulb maker starts to tackle sleep issues

Saffron Drift Light

Utah-based Saffron has launched the Drift Light, a smart LED light bulb designed to improve the transition to sleep. Electronics Weekly covered the effect of LED light circadian (sleep-wake) rhythms – scroll down to ‘Sleep’ here. There are a whole bunch of inter-related light effects in the eye/brain that can upset sleep and, very roughly, the more blue you are ...

Induction lamp competes with LED on price


A US company is attempting to compete with LED light bulbs using induction technology. The Finally Light Bulb Company of Massachusetts makes a lot of claims about the quality of light – for example it has the “first energy-efficient A type light bulb that truly replicates the familiar warm and reassuring glow of the now-banned incandescent bulbs that consumers love ...