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Osram claims first LED-based replacement for 40W bulb

Osram LED 40W replacement bulb.jpgWe report today that Osram is producing what it claims is the first LED-based replacement for a 40W bulb.

Dubbed Parathom Classic, the bulb consumes 8W and produces 345 lm at a colour temperature of 3,000K. Lifetime is claimed to be 25.000h.

“This is the very first bulb shaped LED lamp which constitutes a true substitute for a 40W incandescent lamp,” said Christian Schraft, head of consumer lighting at Osram.

Tags: colour temperature, consumer lighting, lifetime, osram, schraft

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  1. mohammad
    October 18, 2009 20:53

    how can we obtain this 40w LED lamp in IRAN ?

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