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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News On LED Standards

Atmel gets ZigBee Light Link certification

Atmel has achieved ZigBee Light Link Certification for its wireless controller reference design, writes Steve Bush. Light Link is one of the competing technologies for consumers wireless control over domestic LED fixtures, light bulbs, timers, remotes and switches. One controller can handle up to 255 devices…

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ZigBee Alliance ratifies Light Link standard for LED lighting

The ZigBee Alliance has ratified the Light Link standard, that offers wireless control for LED lighting, writes Steve Bush. “Energy efficient light bulbs, LED fixtures, sensors, timers, remotes and switches built using ZigBee Light Link will connect into a single network, without special devices to coordinate the network,” claimed the…

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Electronics Weekly - LED Lighting Guides

LED Lighting guides Here in one neat package are some of our key LED lighting articles…   * Coloured LEDs * OLEDs * Costing LEDs * 50 year history of the LED * Ensuring safety in LED lighting…

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LED lighting test centre opens

Photometric Testing has opened its laboratory which will provide specialist optical test and measurement services for LEDs, lamps and luminaires, writes Richard WIlson. The Gloucestershire-based laboratory will provide test services to small and medium businesses in the lighting industry, and it has adopted specialist approach to LED testing. “The…

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LEDs just like washing powder - standards produce cleaner products

Makers of washing powder ads always used advertise that the latest version – produced whiter whites, and that you’d be crazy to use any other old rubbish. Sadly, these days I don’t watch day time TV (university days long gone), so i don’t know if this still goes…

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Explicit LED action !

Word of the Electronics Weekly LED blog has spread to my village, which is now obviously driving the hit rate up by thousands. It has led to suggestions I should spend more time in the pub instead of writing about LEDs – fair point, they should put WiFi in my local…

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Dedicated Lighting: LEDs and Fluorescents

In new building and environmental regulations, lighting plays a key role. Even though the Wattages used in lighting seem fairly insignificant in comparison to televisions and microwaves, it is something which is easily changed for the better since the introduction of compact fluorescent bulbs…

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Are we writing the right standards

I read today the newest addition to the preliminary Energy Star specification on low bay lighting, this preliminary specification is an average of about 30 existing luminaries. They are therefore trying to get LED lights to match the current technology. This cannot be right as with the use of correct…

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