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Nichia makes batwing LED for street lighting

NichiaNVSW119A-D1 344

Nichia has saved you from buying secondary optics by making an LED with a batwing beam. Intended for street and outdoor lighting, the device is called NVSW119AT-D1 and is 7.1×4.96mm, and 3.95mm high. Typically 138 lm is produced at 350mA (3V forward). The beam pattern is a little hard to describe, so this plot will save a thousand words:

Modular LED street lighting


Makers of LED optics are vying for business as streetlight buyers discover the benefits of solid-state lighting, writes Technology Editor Steve Bush. It is not necessarily efficiency that make streetlight aficionados sit up, as starkly yellow old-tech low-pressure sodium lights offer 300 lm/W, compared with 100 lm/W from LEDs.