LED Luminaries

For crying out loud …

That’s me having a Jeremy Clarkson moment on seeing this headline.

Brooklyn Park residents complain LED bulbs are too dim.”

The article in an American paper reports that some people in Brooklyn Park, NY say the energy-saving streetlights now being tested aren’t such a bright idea. This is on the level of the New York City residents complaining that they could not see our LED Beacon light from a car on the top of the George Washington Bridge, because the flashing red light was a staple of NYC.  Our light was designed to purposely reduce ground scatter, or the “non useful” light shining downwards.  They actually made us re-design them a special Beacon with scatter built-in so the citizens would not complain.

At least I agree with one of the reader comments on this article:

“Remember when we had plain old incandescent lightbulbs for streetlights? They sure didn’t put out any light, but they were a blast to break with snowballs.”

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