Solar Vision Pole lamp post highlights LED lighting

Margery Conner, Technical Editor of EDN, has wrriten an interesting article about off-grid street lighting, which involves white LEDs.

Despite the efficacy of HB LEDs, she notes, their cost is such that they can struggle to compete head-on with older forms of lighting. However, certain apps can justify the paying of a premium in return for high efficiency…

She writes:

Solar Vision Pole.jpg

One such application is solar-powered outdoor lighting for off-grid applications. Visionaire Lighting’s Solar Vision Pole lamp post is especially novel because it does not use a standard rigid solar panel that requires additional bracing for wind shear and can attract the attention of scavenging thieves. Instead, a flexible solar panel encases the post and charges four gel batteries in its base.

The size of the panel and the number of batteries limit the lighting to 50W, which is a weak traditional light source but makes for a strong, white-LED light. Six hours of charging is enough to run the light all night.

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