Tech news tagged ‘arrays’

Ledil introduces 12 way lenses

Ledil’s Sandra family of lens fit arrays of 12 LEDs. Efficiency is over 90% and there three different beams: spot, medium and wide, with angles between +/-5°, +/-12°, +/-16° and +/-17…

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Universal Science’s formable PCB for the the optical engineer

Universal Science has introduced a formable metal-backed, thermally conductive PCB at the ‘Fortronic UK LED and Lighting Forum’, which took place in March, writes Richard WIlson.

Aimed at retro-fit street-light and high bay applications, the formable PCB gives the optical engineer the ability to bend the board…

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A guide to costing LEDs

Our Technology Editor Steve Bush has added anotherr to his series of ‘Big Guides’ to LED technology. His latest covers the issues of costing LEDs. He begins: Power LED makers have made great efforts to understand the needs of the lighting industry, resulting in a range of products which may…

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