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Most read LED Luminaries posts in March

Here is a quick list of the most read LED Luminaries posts in March. Check out what your peers are reading. Popular posts cover thermal designs, Samsung white goods, LED replacement bulbs, and life expectancies… In reverse order…

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Blue led – 20th anniversary of Cree’s commercialisation

Thanks to Ginny from the Cree ‘Lighting the LED Revolution’ blog for flagging this one – the 20th anniversary of the commercialisation of a blue LED, following red and green LEDs and thus enabling a fuller colour spectrum, including white lighting… “What were you doing in 1989? Maybe you were rocking…

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Rollout of LED street lighting goes strong in Portugal

Check out our Distribution World blog for an update on the progress of LED streetlighting in Europe – LED Lighting Watch: Portugal turns on 10 cities

The rollout of LED street lighting has been going strong in Portuguese towns all summer, writes Richard Wilson…

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Long time no Blog

Not sure where the time has been going the last few months but all we hear is the downturn in business and business closing down, well I have to say that from my side I see that the LED market did take a dip in the first 2 months this…

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