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NXP dimmable controller for 12Vac LED bulbs

NXP Semiconductors has announced a phase-cut dimmable single-stage controller for LED bulbs using 12Vac power: MR16 AR111, for example.

Called SSL3401, it is claimed to work “with over 80% of the most common dimmers-transformers combinations”, and to dim “below 5% of maximum light output in most common…

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Apple, Philips to sell LED house lighting

Apple and Philips have teamed up to sell iPhone-controlled LED house lights. Colour is widely-tuneable, and DIY install takes minutes. Called Hue, made by Philips, and only sold through Apple at the moment, the system is based around a colour-tuneable 600lm LED light bulb (25-50W equivalent…

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World’s first liquid-cooled LED light bulb?

This one caught my eye over the weekend – Eternaleds is claiming the world’s first liquid-cooled LED light bulb, the HydraLux-4. Apparently the comapny claims “that these bulbs produce “360 degree lighting” and can emit the same amount of illumination as a 25W incandescent with just 4W of…

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Another role for LEDs

Happy new year everyone! I wrote in my last blog about the continuing displacement of conventional lighting by LEDs in many applications, but I didn’t expect LEDs to try compete in the tackiest of applications, Christmas lighting, quite so soon. Minnesota company Seasonal Impressions has developed a range of…

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