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Carclo gets into light engines with a streetlight

This LED street lighting module is the first product in a line of light engines to be launched by Carclo. It uses the firm’s S class free-form optic, combined with LEDs in a sealed and thermally optimised assembly. “The module has been developed and tested by the Carclo…

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LED headlights beam from Bentleys

Buckingham-based Wipac has designed the LED headlamp in Bentley’s 2011 Mulsanne, writes Steve Bush. The light is not all all-LED. Instead, eight power LEDs boost main beam mode from twin bi-xenon projectors. The firm, now owned by LED lens maker Carclo, made its first vehicle light…

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Standardisation a way forward for LED devices.

At least this makes it easier for us optics designers/manufactures in having a few more common parts going forward. We saw the first of this when Cree brought out the XP which as at least an optical match for the Rebel.

The question I leave you all with is…

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