Tech news tagged ‘colour temperature’

Osram goes all theatrical with tuneable colour temperature

Osram Opto has added a variable colour temperature lighting LED to its Ostar Stage series.

Intended for use in spotlights, it has foure die: two 2,700K warm white and two 10,000K very cold white.

The dies are paired in opposite corners of a square array for best mixing…

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Cree reveals 170 lm/W light bulb

Cree is claiming 170 lm/W with good colour rendering from a lab prototype LED light bulb, writes Steve Bush. “LED lighting at this level of performance is only made possible by advancements across all elements of the LED lighting system: lighting-class LEDs, optics, drivers and thermal management,” said…

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LED reddens as it dims for soft lighting

LED Engin is to reveal details of an LED that dims like a halogen bulb, reddening as its output drops, at Light+Building in Frankfurt (15 – 20 April), writes Steve Bush. Dubbed Luxitune, its dimming characteristic is intended to match established expectations in architectural lighting. “This is particularly useful in…

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