Tech news tagged ‘colour temperatures’

Lumileds to show Luxeon R for street and industrial lighting

Lumileds has launched Luxeon R, a lighting LED designed for outdoor and industrial applications such as streetlights, high-bay lights, wall packs and bollards, writes Steve Bush. For these uses, the colour rendering/efficacy trade-off is set in favour of efficacy, although minimum colouring index is still 70…

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Sharp LED module is 50W HID halogen replacement

Ismosys has released details of Sharp Microelectronics 50W LED module which is capable of replacing traditional 50W HID halogen lamps in the same performance class, writes Richard Wilson.

The 50W Mega Zeni features a luminous efficiency of between 3590 and 4770 lm, a light output of up to 100 lm…

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100W bulb replacement has high CRI

Cree has announced a 1,000 lm LMR4 LED down-lighter family with a colour-rendering index (CRI) above 90.

“Designed to last 35,000 hours and dimmable to 5%, the LMR4-1000 module is available in colour temperatures of 2,700, 3,000, 3,500 and 4,000K with…

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Marl launches LED equivalent to MR16 halogen light

Marl has launched an LED equivalent to the MR16 halogen light, offering improved efficiency, writes Richard Wilson.

The 4.5W Citizen CL-L251 delivers 290 lumens of light output at a colour temperature of 3000K with good colour rendering “Ra85″, equivalent to a standard 20W MR16 halogen…

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