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Cree: 1,100 lm four die XM-L2 for ’50W’ bulbs

Cree has introduced a four die ‘EasyWhite’ version of its XM-L2 LED, as well as a 200 lm/W ‘XP’ device (see below).

Like the original single die XM-L2, bins are available to deliver more than 1,100 lm from a 5x5mm package – so one can be used…

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Cree XH ceramic mid-power lighting LEDs

According to Cree, its XH are sub-watt LEDs for lighting are optimised “for fluorescent replacement lighting applications such as troffers and panel lights, where efficacy, lifetime and smooth appearance are critical”.

There are two versions: XH-G and XH-B. The former delivers up to 170 lm/W at…

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