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Cree boosts LMH2 to 125 lm/W

 Cree has introduced LMH2+, a higher efficacy version of its LMH2 light engine.

Because the modules include both white (blue die amber phosphor) and red leds, 125 lm/W and 90 CRI are available together.

“The LMH2+ is a drop-in upgrade for LMH2-based designs,” said Cree – which is…

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An LED for torches

Cree’s XQ-E Torch is optimised for portable-lighting applications

It is rated at a higher maximum current than the XQ-E and XP-C LEDs, and has simplified colour binning – it is only available in cool white.

Lumen output is 20% the XP-C LED in a package…

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Cree ups power in mid-power competitor

Having invented its lens-less 5x5mm MHB-A as a competitor to mid-power leds when a bit more of a beam is required, it has now extended the idea to a 7x7mm format.

MHD-E and MHD-G deliver 1,800 lm at 14W and 2,500 lm at…

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