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You might have missed it: Sharp Tiger Zenigata

Want a single led that can be tuned from warm to cool white.

Sharp can sell you one: the Tiger Zenigata chip-on-board array.

Like a real tiger, the LED has stripes.

These run across the phosphor sheet and conceal two strings of led die, one that produces 2…

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NXP dimmable controller for 12Vac LED bulbs

NXP Semiconductors has announced a phase-cut dimmable single-stage controller for LED bulbs using 12Vac power: MR16 AR111, for example.

Called SSL3401, it is claimed to work “with over 80% of the most common dimmers-transformers combinations”, and to dim “below 5% of maximum light output in most common…

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200mA Lumileds lighting LED, and an even smaller one

Lumileds has unveiled the Luxeon 3535 2D, which has two LED die in a 3.5×3.7×0.8mm package.

Efficacy is claimed to be up to 140 lm/W (4,000K, 100mA (6.1V) 25°C solder pad) and minimum CRI is 80 across the 2,700-6,500K range…

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LEDs approach 1,000 lm from a single die

Aimed at high-bay and roadway lighting Cree’s XM-L LED has gone “from concept to commercial availability in less than eight months”, said Cree. The company claims it is the brightest lighting LED yet. “The cool white 6,500K XM-L LEDs deliver 1000 lm with 100 lm…

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