Tech news tagged ‘Dimmers’

Single emitter delivers directional light with dimming

The LuxiTune light engine, from LED Engin, is a 12-die, compact single emitter with intelligent control circuit and complementary TIR optic. The single emitter LED lighting module delivers directional light with halogen-style dimming, tracking the black body curve from 3000K down to1800K. With a 50mm diameter, it works…

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Maxim off-line LED lamp driver dims to zero

Maxim has introduced an off line LED driver claimed to provides flicker-free dimming from maximum brightness to zero with most leading-edge (triac) and trailing-edge (transistor) dimmers, writes technology editor Steve Bush. Aimed at self-contained LED lamps, MAX16841 can operate from universal inputs (90 to 265Vac) and…

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Why switch to LED lights?

How do you encourage a fashion-conscious home owner to pay a lot for an LED alternative? This is the question asked by Technology Editor Steve Bush in a new in-depth LED feature on the site – Why anyone should switch to LED lights Energy efficiency is good solid worthy…

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Designing dimmers for multiple LEDs

An LED related “How To” article has been posted on the site – How to design dimmers for multiple LEDs

Written by Michael Bairanzade, application engineer and Marie-Therese Capron, director, low voltage power management at ON Semiconductor.

They write about how an embedded gradual dimming function provides an easy way…

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