Tech news tagged ‘incandescent bulbs’

Why switch to LED lights?

How do you encourage a fashion-conscious home owner to pay a lot for an LED alternative? This is the question asked by Technology Editor Steve Bush in a new in-depth LED feature on the site – Why anyone should switch to LED lights Energy efficiency is good solid worthy…

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Sunpower indoor LED driver is triac dimmable

Sunpower’s indoor LED driver can be dimmed with the type of dimmer aimed at incandescent bulbs. Dimming range is claimed to be 1-100%, but will be less with poor quality dimmers. Output is 9-24V at 700mA, or nominally 16W, input is 220-240V at 50-60Hz with…

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Dedicated Lighting: LEDs and Fluorescents

In new building and environmental regulations, lighting plays a key role. Even though the Wattages used in lighting seem fairly insignificant in comparison to televisions and microwaves, it is something which is easily changed for the better since the introduction of compact fluorescent bulbs…

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