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LED Engin 4-die RGBW emitters take centre stage

Wash lamps and follow spots, such as used in stage lighting, are the target application for LED Engin’s range of 4-die RGBW emitters.

The LZ4 can be driven to 1A and the LZ4-Plus can be driven to 1.5A per die, producing up to 550 and 725…

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LED lighing revenues to approach $2bn in 2017

LEDs will become the dominant lighting technology, claims market analyst Frost & Sullivan, writes Steve Bush.

“The world LED market will expand strongly, driven largely by improvements in technology,” said analyst Neetha Jayanth. “Such advances will enable their wider application in illumination and will be further reinforced by measures adopted…

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More Lumiblade OLED photos

We highlighted Philips’ promotion of Lumiblade OLED technology recently. And it was such a rich seam of material we have created a new picture gallery devoted to the subject…. Take a more detailed look at Philips Lumiblade OLED lighting technology. We take a peek at some of the uses of…

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Supercool LED stick lights

Somehow I don’t think these red or black “Supercool” lamps will catch on. Neat idea, but… The key selling point is that they are flexible – both adjustable in height and rotatable, through 360 degrees. You can see more detail on the hansandfranz website. “Designed by Germany’s hansandfranz for…

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