Tech news tagged ‘led lighting’

Sharp luminaires exceed 100 lm/W

Sharp has added to luminaires in its Kato product family – Kato L (high bay 104 lm/W ~20,000 lm) and Kato S (low bay 110 lm/W ~10,000 lm).

“We have improved the efficiency of the low bay luminaire with this second generation product”, said Jennifer Campbell, general…

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Cree: 1,100 lm four die XM-L2 for ’50W’ bulbs

Cree has introduced a four die ‘EasyWhite’ version of its XM-L2 LED, as well as a 200 lm/W ‘XP’ device (see below).

Like the original single die XM-L2, bins are available to deliver more than 1,100 lm from a 5x5mm package – so one can be used…

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Exciting times for the LED lighting market – Harvard Engineering

This is an exciting time to be in the LED lighting market, according to LED driver module supplier Harvard Engineering, writes Richard Wilson.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in the lighting industry and we’re investing heavily to create in the research and development of our CoolLED…

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Simple LED lighting chip offers switch dimming

Supertex has introduced an LED lighting chip with switch dimming. The IC, dubbed HV9801A, dims LED lamp brightness to one of four preset levels through rapid toggling of a light switch, writes Steve Bush. Light levels progress up and down sequentially and if the switch is turned off for more…

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