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An LED for insomniacs

An interesting LED from Cree slipped below my radar earlier this year.

It is a ‘far red’ version of its XP-E emitter – with peak emission around 730nm – very deep red.

A few years ago Electronics Weekly had an interesting conversation with Dr John O’Hagan of the UK Health…

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Deep UV AlGaN leds

Just in case you need a deep UV led, Nikkiso of Japan is gearing up for mass production of AlGaN leds for wavelengths spanning 255-350nm.

The firm used the services of, now, Nobel prize winning professors Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano, and Meijo University.

“AlGaN is much more difficult…

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Blood and pulse monitor chip has 3 LEDs plus photodiode

For fitness devices, Osram has combined three different colour LEDs and a photodiode in a single 4.7×2.5×0.9mm package for reflective blood oxygen and pulse sensing.

Leds in the SFH 7050 are 530nm (green), 660nm (red) and 940nm (infra-red), the photodiode active surface is 1.3×1.3mm…

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Art studio lighting conundrum

I have a friend who teaches Chinese brush painting.

She is rather good, and she is having the garage converted into a studio for teaching.

And she wants LED lighting.

However, all the easily available light bulbs are not exactly brilliant for colour rendering.

The led makers make suitable emitters…

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LEDs take over Frankfurt

Last week I attended the Light + Building trade show in Frankfurt and found myself thinking that it should be renamed the LED + Building show. LEDs were everywhere. It was actually a struggle to find a stand without LED products at the show, although in many cases they’d been simply…

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What’s the big deal with LED traffic lights?

Someone asked me this the other day, so I’ll share my answer as it involves some¬†pretty impressive figures. London has over 5000 traffic intersections, each one comprising an average of 10 traffic signals, making¬† about 50,000 signals. If those were to be converted to LED lights, the…

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