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Dimmer backgrounder for LED bulb designers

If you need to learn about dimmers, IWatt presented a very useful paper at APEC 2011 – Adaptive Chopping Circuit for Retrofit Dimmable LED Driver.

The presentation includes an excellent introduction to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ dimmers – the waveforms in the picture are from a ‘bad’ one – and what they do to…

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LED driver circuit for 100W A19 light bulbs

An LED-driver reference design for an LED replacement of 100W  incandescent bulbs has been introduced by Power Integrations, writes Richard WIlson. Dubbed DER-322, the circuit is desigend to fit neat inside the A19 form factor, is EN61000-3-2 C (D) compliant and easily passes THD limits. With…

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Lasers trump LEDs for lighting your house

US researchers at Sandia National Labs have demonstrated that people are comfortable with viewing objects lit by four coloured lasers – blue, red, green, and yellow – instead of white LEDs or light bulbs, writes Steve Bush. Lasers are extremely narrowband, 10x narrower than the blue LEDs used in ‘white’ lighting LEDs…

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LED bulb from Cree emits a 2,700K colour temperature

Cree has demonstrated an LED lamp to replace 60W light bulbs. The prototype is dimmable and emits an incandescent-like 2,700K colour temperature with a colour rendering index (CRI) “of at least 90″, claimed the firm. It delivers over 800 lm for under 10W consumption…

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Site update: Energy consumption benefit of efficient LED lighting

An LED Lighting-related article has just been posted on Electronics Weekly: Researchers calculate oil consumption benefit of energy-efficient LED lightingIf all of the world’s light bulbs were replaced with energy-efficient LEDs for a period of 10 years, researchers at the US Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute claim, oil…

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