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Led & Lighting Design event hosted by Fortronic

At the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxford, Fortronic is hosting an Led & Lighting Design event on 26 March.

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Power Control for Biodynamic LightingBright Ideas in LED DrivingPower LED Design-In ConsiderationsPCB technologies for LED & Photovoltaic Applications

Afternoon workshops include:


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LED lighting design explained in online video

MSC Gleichmann is offering a series of video tutorials for Renesas’ Applilet EZ tool and an LED lighting development board, writes Richard Wilson.

Applilet EZ is a software tool that generates device driver code to initialise and use on-chip peripherals integrated into Renesas’ family of lighting-specific MCUs…

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Arrow sets up online LED lighting design tools

Arrow Electronics has announced an onine application platform for the design of LED lighting systems, writes Richard Wilson.

Called the Lighting Designer platform, it incorporates tools for selecting and optimising LEDs, adding secondary optics, defining the power supply and selecting and laying out a design…

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Choosing the right capacitor for LED designs

Check out a guest column that has been loaded onto the website, written by Naoyuki Kobayashi, senior product manager at Murata.

He writes that that one problem frequently encountered when designing LED lighting circuits is that the capacitors in the circuit experience very high voltages which can cause them to…

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