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Carclo gets into light engines with a streetlight

This LED street lighting module is the first product in a line of light engines to be launched by Carclo. It uses the firm’s S class free-form optic, combined with LEDs in a sealed and thermally optimised assembly. “The module has been developed and tested by the Carclo…

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Mouser stocking 3,800 lm Luminus lighting LED

Mouser is stocking Luminus’ huge lighting LEDs. Named CBT-140, the devices are rated at 75W (3.6V, 21A), and intended for operation between 50 and 75W. A staggering 3,800 lm is available, and colour ranges from 3,000 to 6,500K. One device can replace a 250W HID…

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Cadmium-free quantum dot firm wins major LED lighting deal

Nanoco, a UK-based manufacturer of cadmium-free quantum dots, has signed a joint development agreement with a global lighting company which is major producer of LED lighting products, writes Richard Wilson. The collaboration will see the university spin-out’s cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD) technology used in high…

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LED-lighting systems with RF control

An interesting feature article has been loaded on the site – see LED-lighting systems with RF control require range of network types

The article originally appeared on EDN and is written by Mike Claassen of Texas Instruments. It begins…

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