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Art studio lighting conundrum

I have a friend who teaches Chinese brush painting.

She is rather good, and she is having the garage converted into a studio for teaching.

And she wants LED lighting.

However, all the easily available light bulbs are not exactly brilliant for colour rendering.

The led makers make suitable emitters…

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Osram aims at headlamps with second die on Oslon Black Flat

Aiming at vehicle front-lighting, Osram Opto has introduced a two chip version of its Oslon Black Flat LED.

With two die, it achieves over 500 lm at 1A from a 3.1×3.75mm package 0.5 mm high.

“With the new Oslon Black Flat we’re bringing a significantly…

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LED headlamp springs from new Osram LED

With help from Osram Opto, Missouri-based Peterson has developed an all-LED replacement for standard 7in (175m, PAR56) headlights.

It uses two five-die versions of Osram’s Ostar Headlamp Pro – an updated version of the earlier non-Pro Ostar Headlamp with better heat management and environmental sealing.


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Colour added to Osram mid-power LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductors is offering its mid-power LED Duris P5 in colour. They are fabricated in either InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitrite) or InGaAlP (Indium Gallium Aluminum Phosphite) depending on the wavelength.

Architecture lighting is the designated use, and the LED range has five colour versions: deep blue (450nm), blue…

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Lightfair: Car spotlights go LED

Luminus and Vision X Lighting have teamed-up to create LED-based after market automotive spotlights, intended to compete with HID types. The first result of the strategic partnership is Light Cannon, claimed to produce a usable beam at more than 300m…

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Apple, Philips to sell LED house lighting

Apple and Philips have teamed up to sell iPhone-controlled LED house lights. Colour is widely-tuneable, and DIY install takes minutes. Called Hue, made by Philips, and only sold through Apple at the moment, the system is based around a colour-tuneable 600lm LED light bulb (25-50W equivalent…

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Cree claims 20% more light from flagship LED

Cree has introduced a second generation of its XP-G lighting LED, claiming up to 20% more lm/W and 2.5x lm/dollar compared with the original, writes Steve Bush. Called XP-G2, the device has the same 3.45×3.45mm footprint as the XP-G and “is compatible…

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Harvatek wafer level LED

A quick one from Electronica. On the Harvatek stand, in the A3 Displays hall, you could see what the company claims is the world’s smallest and thinnest wafer level LED. Three models were on display: the 0603, the 042 and the 0201 SMD LED. The latter measures 0.585…

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