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SMD leds for automotive light guides

Osram has introduced a range of leds for feeding light guides in automotive external lighting.

All the packages have the same 2.7 x 2.0 x 0.6mm external characteristics, despite the range of die colours and die sizes available.

Called Synios P 2720, the family is aimed at…

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Lumileds’ automotive front-lighting LED

Lumileds has revealed more details of its Luxeon F automotive forward lighting led.

Announced more than a year ago, it is a small (1.9×2.3mm) lens-less surface-mount single-die ceramic-tile device. Now an application brief, product brief and data sheet have appeared.

“Luxeon F is hot…

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Art studio lighting conundrum

I have a friend who teaches Chinese brush painting.

She is rather good, and she is having the garage converted into a studio for teaching.

And she wants LED lighting.

However, all the easily available light bulbs are not exactly brilliant for colour rendering.

The led makers make suitable emitters…

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LED headlamp springs from new Osram LED

With help from Osram Opto, Missouri-based Peterson has developed an all-LED replacement for standard 7in (175m, PAR56) headlights.

It uses two five-die versions of Osram’s Ostar Headlamp Pro – an updated version of the earlier non-Pro Ostar Headlamp with better heat management and environmental sealing.


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Apple, Philips to sell LED house lighting

Apple and Philips have teamed up to sell iPhone-controlled LED house lights. Colour is widely-tuneable, and DIY install takes minutes. Called Hue, made by Philips, and only sold through Apple at the moment, the system is based around a colour-tuneable 600lm LED light bulb (25-50W equivalent…

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