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Smart Rope skips with LEDs


How little equipment do you need to get fit? How about just a simple skipping rope… Well in the 21st century no fitness aid is really simple, so why would a skipping rope be? Hot on the heels of the Smart Football, here is the smart skipping rope. The interesting thing about Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope is that it has 23 LEDs embedded in the ...

Nixie Nixie Nixie!

Nuvitron-nixie clock 600x630

I don’t know what it is about Nixie tubes that catches my eye. The gentle glow? The provisional delicacy? Or undetected fondness for slightly forbidding, Communist Bloc electronics?

DevBoard Watch: CY3267 LED Lighting Evaluation Kit

Cypress CY3267 PowerPSoC Lighting Evaluation Kit

LEDs are a staple of Gadget Master – see, our LED tag for example – and so this one caught my eye. Cypress Semiconductor is highlighting its CY3267 PowerPSoC LED Lighting Evaluation Kit. Basically it is an “out-of-box evaluation experience” of using the company’s PowerPSoC Main Board, an RGBA LED daughter card, and an Intelligent Lighting Control GUI. The default ...

All power to the Lightie solar bottle LED light

The Lightie

Here on Gadget Master lo-fi is fine and dandy, so thanks to Sue P for highlighting the Lightie, the solar bottle light – a solar-powered light that fits inside a standard fizzy pop bottle. Gizmag describes it as a “small light with big ambitions”. Its noble aim is to help provide a lighting solution for the poorest people on the ...

Nixie tube powered chess

Nixie chess set

Nixie tubes always catch my eye – so how about this one? Nixie Tube Chess! Rather than the usual clock dimension, these enthusiasts pursued a more cerebral challenge, using “real ex-Soviet” nixie tubes for the pieces. To be honest, maybe Nixie Draughts would have been easier on the eye! There would be a bit of eye strain after a game constatly ...