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L+B: Cree sees 2,100 warm lumens with MT-G2

Cree has announced the MT-G2 lighting LED which is scheduled to deliver up to 2,100 lm in 3,000K warm white at 25 watts at 85°C, writes Steve Bush. “The brighter MT-G2 shares the same footprint as the original MT-G, providing a seamless upgrade,” said…

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50W LED offers near-perfect colour rendering

Bridgelux has released an LED family with a colour rendering index of 97, writes Steve Bush. Branded Decor, the multi-die devices deliver 1,200 to 2,500 lumens and “these arrays have been spectrally engineered to closely replicate the light quality of halogen and incandescent light sources”, said the…

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300 lumens at 1A from white Luxeon LED

Lumileds is now specifying its Rebel ES white LED range at over 300 lm, claiming 310 lm and 100 lm/W at 1A for the cool white and 300 lm 97 lm/W for the neutral white. At lower current, over 125 lm/W is achievable, claimed the firm. Read…

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