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Philips combines Lumileds and LED headlight division

Philips is combining its Lumileds LED making and automotive lighting business, and may be looking for third-party investment.

The firm’s statements are all very positive, and I have no crystal ball, but I wonder if competition from all and sundry has put a dent in the profits the…

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Lumileds hits 10,000 lm with CoB arrays, at 100 lm/W

Aiming at replacing 70-100W ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps, Lumileds has introduced ‘Luxeon CoB 1211′ arrays – with a 19mm diameter light source on a 28x28mm tile.

Efficacy is 93-130 lm/W, depending on colour temperature and CRI of the luminaire.

The 10,000 lm and 100 lm…

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L+B: Lumileds aims 30mA LED at fridge lighting

Luxeon 3014 is a 30mA QFN LED that can deliver 10-12 lm in neutral white, and can be driven up to 100mA for 33 lm.

Maker Lumileds is competing with other 3014 manufactures for business in linear and omnidirectional lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, refrigerator display lighting…

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Lumileds chip-on-board LED arrays reach up to 6,000 lm

Lumileds has announced Luxeon CoB, chip-on-board LED arrays up to 6,000 lm with versions with illuminated diameters of 9, 13 or 15 mm.

Colour temp is 3,000K, states Lumileds, with 105 lm/W efficacy and CRI >80; all at 36V nominal forward drop. Versions are…

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Farnell to distribute Lumileds

Premier Farnell has signed a global agreement to distribute LEDs from Lumileds. “Philips Lumileds were particularly attracted to working with Premier Farnell due to it strong presence in Asia, and its 170,000 strong element14 community of engineers,” said Farnell…

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Gaggione hybrid combines reflection and refraction

Gaggione has combined reflection and refraction in a pair of hybrid optics for larger die LEDs and arrays.  The concept is very similar to one invented by Polymer Optics, seen in its POL 225, for example.  Gaggione’s LLR01N and LLR05N are 45 and 70mm in diameter respectively…

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Ledil introduces 12 way lenses

Ledil’s Sandra family of lens fit arrays of 12 LEDs. Efficiency is over 90% and there three different beams: spot, medium and wide, with angles between +/-5°, +/-12°, +/-16° and +/-17…

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Philips Lumileds signs distro deal with Silica

Philips Lumileds has signed a distribution agreement with Silica for the supplier’s full line of LED products in Europe.

As the distributor builds its lighting products business, it will now add the Philips Lumileds Luxeon range of high-brightness LEDs…

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LED headlights beam from Bentleys

Buckingham-based Wipac has designed the LED headlamp in Bentley’s 2011 Mulsanne, writes Steve Bush. The light is not all all-LED. Instead, eight power LEDs boost main beam mode from twin bi-xenon projectors. The firm, now owned by LED lens maker Carclo, made its first vehicle light…

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