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Lumileds 6.5mm CoBs reach 1,100 lm at 110 lm/W

Lumileds has pushed up the power of its 6.5mm diameter emission CoB leds, aiming them at PAR, GU10 and MR16 lamps.

Called ‘109’ CoBs, they are part of the firm’s 12x15mm Compact CoB family, this time specified at 250mA (35.5V nominal 1.5°C/W). 

Others 12x15mm…

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Philips gets excited about Lumileds merger

Philips is really keen that everyone should know that it is combining its automotive and led (Lumileds) businesses, and it looks like it is happening on the 1st of April.

This should be interesting because, after a great start, Lumileds appeared to take its eye of LED headlights, leaving Osram…

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Lumileds hits 10,000 lm with CoB arrays, at 100 lm/W

Aiming at replacing 70-100W ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps, Lumileds has introduced ‘Luxeon CoB 1211′ arrays – with a 19mm diameter light source on a 28x28mm tile.

Efficacy is 93-130 lm/W, depending on colour temperature and CRI of the luminaire.

The 10,000 lm and 100 lm…

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LED headlights beam from Bentleys

Buckingham-based Wipac has designed the LED headlamp in Bentley’s 2011 Mulsanne, writes Steve Bush. The light is not all all-LED. Instead, eight power LEDs boost main beam mode from twin bi-xenon projectors. The firm, now owned by LED lens maker Carclo, made its first vehicle light…

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