Tech news tagged ‘metal core’

Lumileds chip-on-board LED arrays reach up to 6,000 lm

Lumileds has announced Luxeon CoB, chip-on-board LED arrays up to 6,000 lm with versions with illuminated diameters of 9, 13 or 15 mm.

Colour temp is 3,000K, states Lumileds, with 105 lm/W efficacy and CRI >80; all at 36V nominal forward drop. Versions are…

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Osram side-steps lack of LED second-sourcing

Osram has found a way around the lack of footprint standards amongst lighting LEDs, writes Steve Bush. Solder pad patterns and shapes underneath lighting LEDs are not the same from different manufacturers, forcing users to re-lay their PCB if they change suppliers…

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