Tech news tagged ‘microcontroller’

Smartphones control TSR wireless LED module

TSR has introduced a wireless LED lamp that can be controlled remotely from smartphones, tablets or PCs. The intelliSSL smart MR16 LED lamp’s design provides strong wireless reception, eliminating signal interference even under high temperatures, says the company, while conforming to a standard ANSI format – 1.98 inches in…

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NXP chip for multi-colour LED modules aimed at car interiors

NXP has introduced a LIN bus interface chip for simple identical control nodes in cars that take their identity from their position in a daisy-chain – so called ‘node position detection’. Intended for non-critical multi-colour LED modules that the firm predicts will decorate the inside of cars (see…

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Piccolo microcontroller DC/DC LED dev kit

Texas Instruments has introduced the TMS320C2000 Piccolo microcontroller DC/DC LED developer’s kit, writes Technology Editor, Steve Bush.

The LED controller kit will allow lighting system designers to incorporate dimming, colour tone adjustment, power line communication and fault detection…

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