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Nichia makes batwing LED for street lighting

Nichia has saved you from buying secondary optics by making an LED with a batwing beam.

Intended for street and outdoor lighting, the device is called NVSW119AT-D1 and is 7.1×4.96mm, and 3.95mm high.

Typically 138 lm is produced at 350mA (3V forward).

The beam pattern is…

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Ledil introduces 12 way lenses

Ledil’s Sandra family of lens fit arrays of 12 LEDs. Efficiency is over 90% and there three different beams: spot, medium and wide, with angles between +/-5°, +/-12°, +/-16° and +/-17…

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Mouser takes Taiwan LED optics firm to global market

Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with LedLink Optics, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of secondary optics for high-power LEDs, writes Richard Wilson. LedLink Optics has partnerships with LED manufacturers including: Cree, Osram Opto Semiconductors and Seoul Semiconductor…

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The packaging behind the HB-LEDs

High-brightness (HB) LED packaging design continues to advance, and is contributing almost as much to performance as the LED chip itself, argues Margery Conner, Technical Editor of EDN.

In an analysis piece just loaded onto the site, she says that HB-LED efficacy may grab the headlines, but packaging…

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