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An introduction to LED optics

Ledil has a good four page introduction to LED optics on its website, written for an article in LED Professional Review.

Technically it is most informative, although the English is a little strange.

Understanding this will give you some defence against deceptive marketing and data sheets that bend the truth…

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Nichia makes batwing LED for street lighting

Nichia has saved you from buying secondary optics by making an LED with a batwing beam.

Intended for street and outdoor lighting, the device is called NVSW119AT-D1 and is 7.1×4.96mm, and 3.95mm high.

Typically 138 lm is produced at 350mA (3V forward).

The beam pattern is…

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Mouser stocking 3,800 lm Luminus lighting LED

Mouser is stocking Luminus’ huge lighting LEDs. Named CBT-140, the devices are rated at 75W (3.6V, 21A), and intended for operation between 50 and 75W. A staggering 3,800 lm is available, and colour ranges from 3,000 to 6,500K. One device can replace a 250W HID…

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Electronics Weekly – LED Lighting Guides

LED Lighting guides
Here in one neat package are some of our key LED lighting articles…


* Coloured LEDs


* Costing LEDs

* 50 year history of the LED

* Ensuring safety in LED lighting…

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Light engines hand wire with ease

LED Engin has announced LED light engines with integral connectors that eliminate soldering during the assembly, writes Steve Bush. The poke-home connectors accept 18-24AWG wires to terminate the metal-core PCBs inside LED fixtures. With a common 50mm footprint, the LuxiGen LZC 12 die and LZP 24 die…

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LED optics, through a glass clearly

Specifying an LED optic is easy isn’t it, writes Steve Bush? Just buy one with the right beam angle, and you are off. Right? Well maybe, but probably not. Because there are a few more things to think about before you can be pretty sure that what you buy…

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Arrow Electronics adds Carclo Optics line of lighting products

Arrow has added the Carclo Optics line of lighting products in Europe and the rest of the EMEA region.

Slough-based Carclo Optics supplies a range of lighting products including lenses, reflectors, optics and modules. Carclo develops street lighting systems, among others, writes Richard Wilson.

“Following our numerous successful projects…

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Standardisation a way forward for LED devices.

At least this makes it easier for us optics designers/manufactures in having a few more common parts going forward. We saw the first of this when Cree brought out the XP which as at least an optical match for the Rebel.

The question I leave you all with is…

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