Tech news tagged ‘orange’

Lumileds indicates with red and amber car lights

Lumileds has introduced an LED specifically for car indicators, writes Steve Bush. Called SignalSure, the LEDs are AEC-Q101 qualified and meet Japanese and SAE/ECE requirements. “Reliability and confidence in a surface mount signalling product has been our design objective from the start,” said Paul Martin, director for automotive…

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Luxeon boosts the output of its colour power LEDs

Lumileds has increased the output of its colour power LEDs. In the firm’s Rebel package, the devices are designed to be operated at up to 700mA. Within the range, red and red-orange are AlInGaP diodes, whereas all the rest – including amber which is traditionally also AlInGaP, are InGaN…

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A glowing solar LED lamp

Here’s another one that got my attention, on a recent gadget trawl: a glowing solar LED lamp. What are the chances of this one catching on? Thanks to Technabob for flagging this one. Available through the Japanese Idea Online shop (for ¥1,575, or approximately £10), these little objet…

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