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Backgrounder on street lamp lightning strikes

Osram has published a backgrounder on the relationship between lightning strikes and LED streetlamps.

The firm has its own range of protection devices, but the document has useful information beyond these…

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Iris scanning phone uses Osram ir led

Fujitsu’s Arrows NX F-04G phone it secured by iris scanning – it will not un-lock until it views the correct iris.

Osram is supplying the led used as an infra-red source for the scan.

“These ireds are the only ones capable of the high power needed for…

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Led for automotive head-up displays

Osram is aiming at automotove head-up displays with an led colour-coordinated with TFT displays and viewing white point requirements.

Called Oslon Compact CL, is has a 1mm die. “A ceramic converter ensures that the colour locus remains constant even at high temperatures,” said the firm. “The quality of…

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Robust high-bay from Osram

Based around Osram’s Oslon Square leds from Osram subsidiary Siteco, Compact High Bay does what is says on the tin – working in room heights from 6 to 15m.

It is intended as an alternative to 250 or 400W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps (HIE/HIT or HSE…

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SMD leds for automotive light guides

Osram has introduced a range of leds for feeding light guides in automotive external lighting.

All the packages have the same 2.7 x 2.0 x 0.6mm external characteristics, despite the range of die colours and die sizes available.

Called Synios P 2720, the family is aimed at…

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Osram LEDs approach theoretical Vf limit

According to Osram Opto, its blue die are approaching the theoretical limit for forward voltage.

Having shaved 20mV off from production leds last summer “In the laboratory we have already succeeded in further reducing the forward voltage by as much as 30mV”, said Osram scientist Dr Joachim Hertkorn. “Any further…

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UK LED headlights race their way to Le Mans

You may not be aware of RaceTech Harnessing, but the Derbyshire-based company is launching LED headlights for endurance race cars. The lights will apparently make their debut at the 2013 Sebring 12hrs in Florida, and are also being installed for the Le Mans 24 hour race.

The endurance race…

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LG and Osram battle over BMW, Audi LED headlights

The South Korean chaebol LG Electronics and Osram are squaring up to each other – in suits and coutersuits – over the issue of LED headlights… At the heart of the dispute is Osram purportedly infringing LG-owned patents involving LED chips and packaging technologies, and this has dragged in BMW and…

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