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Osram achives IR LED high

Osram has pushed up the power of its 850nm Oslon Black leds, upping output to 800mW from 630mW in the ‘A’ suffix version of its SFH 4715.

This is a 90° led intended for security illumination. For feeding narrow-beam reflector optics, there is also a 150° SFH 4716A.


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Osram shoots for AFS with addressable headlamp LED

Osram Opto seems to be going LED headlamp crazy with a second device announcement.

This one is aimed at ‘advanced forward lighting system’ (AFS) and is a variant of its high-end five die Ostar Headlamp Pro LED, the difference being that this one has individually addressable die.

The package…

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Asymetric Ledil lights advertising hoardings

Billie is Ledil’s answer to lighting advertising hoardings (billboards).

Designed to be mounted above and in front, it is “a rectangular wall-washing optic with excellent beam uniformity”, said the firm. “The asymmetrically tilted beam ensures uniform illumination on vertical surfaces.

Billie is compatible with a variety of lighting…

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Gaggione hybrid combines reflection and refraction

Gaggione has combined reflection and refraction in a pair of hybrid optics for larger die LEDs and arrays.  The concept is very similar to one invented by Polymer Optics, seen in its POL 225, for example.  Gaggione’s LLR01N and LLR05N are 45 and 70mm in diameter respectively…

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UK LED headlights race their way to Le Mans

You may not be aware of RaceTech Harnessing, but the Derbyshire-based company is launching LED headlights for endurance race cars. The lights will apparently make their debut at the 2013 Sebring 12hrs in Florida, and are also being installed for the Le Mans 24 hour race.

The endurance race…

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Osram side-steps lack of LED second-sourcing

Osram has found a way around the lack of footprint standards amongst lighting LEDs, writes Steve Bush. Solder pad patterns and shapes underneath lighting LEDs are not the same from different manufacturers, forcing users to re-lay their PCB if they change suppliers…

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LG and Osram battle over BMW, Audi LED headlights

The South Korean chaebol LG Electronics and Osram are squaring up to each other – in suits and coutersuits – over the issue of LED headlights… At the heart of the dispute is Osram purportedly infringing LG-owned patents involving LED chips and packaging technologies, and this has dragged in BMW and…

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OLED lighting research backed by German government

OLED lighting got a boost today when Osram, Philips, BASF and Aixtron confirmed the German Government is to fund a research project, writes our technology editor, Steve Bush.

TOPAS 2012 is the second phase of the OLED 2015 initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF…

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Osram claims first LED-based replacement for 40W bulb

We report today that Osram is producing what it claims is the first LED-based replacement for a 40W bulb. Dubbed Parathom Classic, the bulb consumes 8W and produces 345 lm at a colour temperature of 3,000K. Lifetime is claimed to be 25.000h. “This is the very first…

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