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SemiLEDs tackles phosphor packaging problem

SemiLEDs is sampling white light LEDs using a proprietary phosphor technology, which it says delivers “a highly uniform phosphor coating across the emitter surface, greatly increasing colour precision and uniformity”.

A feature of the technology is that it can eliminate phosphor application from the packaging process, as a result and…

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You might have missed it: Sharp Tiger Zenigata

Want a single led that can be tuned from warm to cool white.

Sharp can sell you one: the Tiger Zenigata chip-on-board array.

Like a real tiger, the LED has stripes.

These run across the phosphor sheet and conceal two strings of led die, one that produces 2…

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Lumileds boosts efficiency of its ‘high-voltage’ H50 lighting LEDs

Lumileds has boosted the efficiency of its ‘high-voltage’ H50 lighting LEDs, and released details of its Luxeon Z range of small footprint high power density devices for white and coloured lighting. Designed for use in LED replacements for standard light bulbs, H50-2 delivers a 27% more lumen/W…

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Plessey to make white power LEDs in Plymouth

Plessey has acquired University of Cambridge spin-out CamGaN, and will be using its technology to make white power LEDs in Plymouth. Its critical intellectual property is a way of growing LED-quality GaN on silicon substrates. “This technology is the product of substantial R&D investment over the…

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