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Plessey fabs GaN-on-Si lighting LEDs in the UK

Plessey is sampling 350mW lighting LEDs, made in its 6in Plymouth fab using a GaN-on-silicon process. Possible applications are anticipated in accent lighting, wall washing, wall grazing and strip-lighting.
“The Magic GaN line using standard semiconductor manufacturing processing provides yield entitlements of greater than 95% and fast…

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Toshiba to start LED mass production

Taking one from the News index, written by David Manners:

Toshiba will start mass production of white LEDs in October.They will be made on a production line that the company will construct in the 200mm wafer facility at Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation, a production base for discrete products in…

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Plessey to make white power LEDs in Plymouth

Plessey has acquired University of Cambridge spin-out CamGaN, and will be using its technology to make white power LEDs in Plymouth. Its critical intellectual property is a way of growing LED-quality GaN on silicon substrates. “This technology is the product of substantial R&D investment over the…

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