Tech news tagged ‘power factor’

Linear regulation gives mains module 85% efficiency

Supertex has got together with Osram Opto to make a mains-powered light engine using only linear regulation.

Linear regulation usually means dreadful efficiency, but Supertex has a neat trick where its CL8800 ‘sequential linear LED driver’: it switches series strings or LEDs in and out through the mains waveform…

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Cree’s streetlight breaks $100 barrier

For $99, Cree will sell you a XSPR streetlight, the latest in its XSP series.

25 and 42W versions are intended to replace up to 100W high-pressure sodium street lights, and have a 10 year warranty in the US.

Colour temperatures options are 5,700K (2,700 or 4…

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Off-line LED controllers get dimming and PFC

Two Californian chip makers have announced their first forays into dimmable power factor corrected LED drivers, writes Steve Bush. Linear Technology has produced a single-stage flyback design and iWatt – fabless producer of low stand-by phone charger chips – has plumped for a more traditional two-stage topology…

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Sunpower indoor LED driver is triac dimmable

Sunpower’s indoor LED driver can be dimmed with the type of dimmer aimed at incandescent bulbs. Dimming range is claimed to be 1-100%, but will be less with poor quality dimmers. Output is 9-24V at 700mA, or nominally 16W, input is 220-240V at 50-60Hz with…

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